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Warning May Contain Nudity 20,000

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Warning May Contain Nudity 20,000 (or WMCN20K)

 Warning May Contain Nudity 20,000 is a not-for-profit series that pays tribute to MST3K. If we ever become talented at what we do, we will license these movies and release them professionally, and pay royalties to Best Brains and all other deserving parties. In the meantime, WMCN20K should be considered to be a series of pilot episode for a show which does not yet exist.


  1. Warning May Contain Nudity 20,000 is the compelling story of a man named Chris who watches movies.
  2. WMCN20K may contain nudity.
  3. 20K is how far in debt I am, so don't bother suing me.

WhiMCaNning movies that have not yet been MiSTied

That's what I'm doing.

WhiMCaNned Movies; A complete list.

  1. Satanic Mechanic (starring Lee Van Cleef)

                  {currently in production}

Where to find WMCN20K:

When I get a DVD burner, episodes of WMCN20K will be available on DVD for $5 to cover production, shipping & handling. Until then maybe you can download episodes from KAZAA or something.